Are you still using manual systems to process your information?

Is your information processing not as efficient as you would like it? Or is it in a shambles altogether?

Are you confusing “BUSY” with “PRODUCTIVE” and “EFFICIENT”? People can manipulate data in Word and Excel and be busy.

You don’t know what you don’t know or you know you need to do something, but don’t know what it is or how to go about getting it done.

Are you running your business or department with scattered and multiple spreadsheets and documents?

Is it hard to keep track of all the company documents, reports, and spreadsheets in your computer system?

Are you running your business or department with multiple programs that house the same data?

Do multiple people keep the same data in their own little “database”?

Is your data secure and does it maintain integrity because everyone has their own “data packets”.

Are you and your employees performing manual sorts, filtering, grouping of data and other operations with data?

Do your employees waste time compiling data for reports and analysis?

Don’t get analytics or metrics immediately with a click of a button

Are your databases or information processing systems hard to use and maintain?

Do you want your employees to have a user-friendly system?

Do you use an in-house employee to develop and maintain databases?

What is your perception of a one-person developer versus a Tech Company? Support Team available.

Do you have Access databases that need a major overhaul or just a minor cleanup? Developed wrong in the first place?