CAS has been training hundreds of employees at companies since 1993.
We pride ourselves in creating Custom Designed Training Solutions for your company.


CAS trainers can provide expert computer training at any level:
Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced (wanna-be Power Users)
VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Coding

Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • MS Access - SPECIALTY!
  • MS Access Queries and Reports
  • MS Excel - SPECIALTY!
  • MS Excel "Tips, Tricks, and Techniques"
  • MS Word, PowerPoint, Publisher
  • Office Integration - how to use the Office Programs as an integrated package


  • Improve the productivity of your employees by showing them improved or faster ways to do something
  • Increase the efficiency of your employees by having them trained the correct way to do something
  • Get up to speed faster on the various techniques than the “hunt and find” method
  • Keep up to date with new versions of the software
  • Better prepared to train the employees than using someone from the inside
  • Better confidence for your employees’ performance
  • Learn to use all the software tools correctly



  • Employees don’t take the time to learn on their own
  • Employees don’t learn correctly. Takes too long to learn as they fiddle through looking for the solution.
  • Employees are apprehensive to try new things
  • Employees tend to over-state their abilities not under-rate
  • Bring your newer employees and current employees to the same level
  • Your company is wasting money because the employee takes the “long road” to do something


Cost effective versus other training companies or training methods

Training experience since 1993 – it’s the TRAINER, not the TRAINING COMPANY that’s important

Custom-designed training for your company – not cookie-cutter training from a static manual

Seminar Style Training or Hands-On in your company's computer lab

Offer post-training assistance

Business training by business professionals not "training" professionals – experience in business since 1972

Training on your company's real-life business examples, not some simple demo that doesn’t apply at work

Gear the training to the audience - novices, end-users, developers, power users

All questions are addressed - if we don't know the answer, we'll find someone who does

Training sessions to fit your company’s needs and time schedule

Train on CONCEPTS as well as CONTENT - understand not only the WHAT and the HOW, but the WHY, WHEN, and WHERE to use